What is the next update of pubg console

PUBG Corporation announced pubg console update soon. It's a big update for pubg console and pubg Xbox one. Mainly new update is about cross networking. And also said that pubg console season 4 is in progress.


This the matching pool
Two platforms combined and this process is cross networking

Cross networking is processes that combine multiple networks together. Now here in pubg combining pubg Xbox one player and PUBG console players. There is one problem if two platforms are different. Both of then face a long time matching problem. So games corporation decided to combine the Xbox one and PS4 network together. Just like the infographics above. This may reduce the matching time problem for console and Xbox one players. You would able to see what platform the player using in UI, killing field and while you are a spectator. But cross networking could cause connection drop or frame drop and ping problem. Hope that they will take over it.


After a long faster and hardworking pubg team release pubg for PS4. So that's why pubg console is fall back from pubg pc. That's why console players can't enjoy the latest content. But pubg pc players experiencing at the first then any other platforms.

This is the infographic of season 3

As you can see this is an infographic of console and pc gamer. A huge distance in season 3. Still they have to add more feature in pubg console. Don't worry about season 4:

This would be season 4 infographic

Season 4 has a lot improvement on pubg console. So that the console players can experience everything as other players do. Said ToeSoek Jang. He also said they are improving console and control. He explains that they are gonna release a custom game for console in late October. Season 4 release date on 27 august 2019. You will discover a lot's of thing new on pubg console and also something older which is already in pubg pc.

When is the pubg console update?


As TeoSeok said they released a test play on September on the PTS. And That test server will live in early October. Custom play will be at last of the mouth. The test server will remain for one month. It's a big challenge to make a server perfect and control a huge traffic server.

Ray Kim requested to community

Ray Kim

Pubg has a large gaming community. Ray Kim is a lead community manager on the console. He is the leader of the community. He has a great impact on pubg console and communicates with console player in to support system and report to the team. Kim requested us to help them to improve. He appreciates everything they do because of their community.

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