Today I am gonna talk about how to kill hackers in pubg. And how I fight with hackers. But first of all, I will tell you why pubg corporation did not band hacker from the emulator platform. Please read the whole blog to get knowledgeable about hacks and hackers. if you want to know more about pubg click here

How many hacks out there in pubg?

There is9 kind of hacker in pubg:

  1. ESP
  2. Speed Hack
  3. Wall Hack
  4. Aimbot
  5. Magic bullets
  6. God Modes
  7. Jump hacker
  8. Car flying
  9. No recoil

These sevens hacks are most popular in pubg. There are more hacks like unlimited bp, UC, and more.

How those hacks work and how to kill them?

In this section, I will discuss how those hacks work and how to deal with those hackers.



ESP hackers can only see you and the loots around him/her. So if you find that you are getting shots but you can’t see that enemy because it’s so far from you. Yeah! you are a victim of hacker lol! All you need to do if you are into an open field go prone. Stand up then move and do this until you find any cover. Or you can run as zig-zag. Don’t shoot back to them let him push on you and stay alert. Because there is a 90% probability he/she pushes on you. And after that all depends on your skill.


Speed hackers can run faster and drive the car fast. So they can catch you easily if you are running. So if you see someone running fast or driving fast. Then you have to get into house wait for his push. Most of the time speed hackers win but there is a chance of your win.


wall hacker in pubg

Wall hackers can shoot you from behind the wall. But there is a limitation they can shoot behind only one wall. When you find that kind of hacker. Try to get cover into the second wall. and run as I said into ESP hacker.



Aim bot is a system that hackers aim to you without any skill which is helps you aim directly on the head. So there is 100% probability that you can get head-shoot! AW! So when you are in a squad and knock out two times. Don’t put your head out anymore. They will push you and deal close combat or run away from the back.


The magic bullet is the most dangers hack in pubg. Hacker just shoots at you and every single bullet will hit. Not a single one will be missed. Even if you are far from him/her. There is a 100% chance to win hacker. But if you are well skilled you could kill him. Cause all the hackers are not good players. So if you are good skilled and he is not. There is a chance to win.


God mode is more dangerous than a magic bullet. Most of the time god mod hacker get the chicken dinner. If you find any god mode enemy in the lobby. Don’t think, Just leave the lobby. Don’t worry it won’t affect your rank. I always do that :(.



Jump hackers can jump higher than a normal player. But the don’t get fall damage. The most important thing is all the hacking software contains more than one hack. That’s why the if you deal one of these hackers. You could probably deal with others. So be aware of it. Jumps hacker has some disadvantage. They can not shoot when they fall down. So it’s your chance to attack him. And you can shoot him when he is reloading.



Car flying is not as dangerous as all of above. Rather than those hackers could get damage from fall and could die from car busting LOL. So don’t be afraid of car flyer. Just be sure that guy must have other hacks. So when you see people like them just get into a cover.

9.No Recoil

No Recoil is one more dangerous hack in pubg. You can’t beat him. The hacker can shoot you far and he won’t face recoil on his gun. 100% accuracy shoot. One advice doesn’t take a fight with any kind of hacker. That’s it!

In conclusion, Did you realize one thing every time when we attack them? We were using their weakness. The real war strategy is to use opponents weakness to beat them cause you never beat anyone through his strong zone. Use them and beat them.
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Happy Gaming!


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